Demo 1.8.1 and Kickstarter Campaign

We are happily announcing preview of our Kickstarter Campaign! The campaign will start at November 11 and will run for 30 days, with a humble goal of €3000. Follow our campaign here:

We are also updating our demo to version 1.8.1. Based on feedback and observations of playing it content creators, we have made following improvements:

  • Demonstrate button’s placement has been changed, for better visibility.
  • Clarification for second phase of Clash of Arguments’ tutorial.
  • We have added an indicator, when you are supposed to click an area on the map.

We also have added a link to our Kickstarter Campaign.


Court of Crowns Demo 299 MB
Oct 23, 2022
Oct 23, 2022 Play in browser
Oct 23, 2022

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